How Do You Get A Star At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame?

When you think of Los Angeles, you surely think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is one of the most iconic landmarks of LA! However, many people wonder just what qualifies a star to get a spot at the Walk of Fame, or how one goes about the process. Well, read on and find out!

1. The committee responsible for the Walk of Fame is the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

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2. They induct 24 stars into the Walk of Fame over the year.

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3. To apply for a star in the Walk of Fame, you need to simply apply and pay a registration fee. Anyone can apply, but only the most distinguished people get selected.

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4. The Walk of Fame application requests you to fill a few forms, write a short bio, and sign a letter confirming you’ll be present during the unveiling of the star.

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5. You need to pay $30,000 just to apply for the star.

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6. One half of that sum is used to construct the star, and the other half is the maintenance cost.

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7. Many stars don’t even apply for a star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, perhaps because it does seem a bit self-indulgent.


8. However, sometimes fans are so supportive that they can apply on behalf of the star themselves. Liza Menneli’s fans famously hosted a bake sale to raise the money to apply for a star for her!

Daily Mail

9. The waiting period is 2 years, and one can apply for the star a countless number of times.


10. Some of the most distinguished celebrities can even ask for the star to be placed in certain specific locations. However, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce always has the final say.

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11. When the star is unveiled at the Walk of Fame, the celebrity in question is expected to give a speech. Generally, the event brings in a crowd of around 600 people. However, when the mariachi singer Vincente Fernandez got his star, 4000 fans showed up.

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