Hong Kong Has a Hello Kitty Restaurant

Can’t seem to get enough of Hello Kitty? You’re definitely not alone! There are so many places and ways to get your Kitty fix too –


Like these Hello Kitty Cafes…




A Hello Kitty flight…(yes, seriously)



Or, if you’re crafty, you can DIY…

#hellokitty #toastart for my niece who came over for a sleepover.

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But people in Hong Kong are about to get something extra awesome -A Hello Kitty Restaurant!


Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine is a restaurant that’s all about Hello Kitty and fitting Hello Kitty into your meal in every possible way.

And of course, the appropriate amount of HK-themed decor.

 Here you can order Hello Kitty dim sum. Because why not!

You can have teapots and rice dishes.

 Or even take Hello Kitty to go! Order Hello Kitty food fit for a picnic, complete with champagne. Because you know, Kitty only drinks the best.

 And enjoy with your Hello Kitty toy. Totally normal.

 Because even Kitty needs to eat!