Hilarious Foodie Tweets

Hilarious foodie tweets guaranteed to hit the spot! (oh yes, we went there!)

Food. A strong staple in our society that brings people of all walks of life together. Or, if you’re like #28, it can completely tear your life apart!


1. This delicious relationship truth.


2. Favored Foodie Positions.


3. What makes a foodie hot? Duh. It’s food. Hot food.


4. Um…Coooooooooooooooooooooooorn?


5. Well you gotta stop for a McFlurry!


6. It was only once! Oh, you mean the animals…


7. The classic.


8. It starts.


9. The look of…


10. The real story of the Hamburgular…


11. From the foodie pickup lines handbook.


12. Chai Latte for Bond? James Bond?


13. For real. So rude.


14. Works every time.


15. True story.


16. Soo awkward!


17. *phone explodes*


18. Real-life advice, kids.


19. Mrow!


20. It’s a place of healing.


21. How to stay fat and single forever.


22. You’ve gone too far, sir! Good day!


23. Take us with you. We beg of you!


24. Snack and yak – the newest wireless trend.


25. OMG, he’s like some sort of magician!


26. Sorry sir, might I bring you a new face?


27. “Feels kinda creepy human…DOESN’T IT?!” -fridge


28. The real reason for the deterioration of the classic family.


29. Obviously not!