Here Are 10 Bra Mistakes You Had No Idea You Were Making, and How to Correct Them!

There is so much variety to this delicate, complex garment- from cup size, type of clasp, color, cut, and so much more! Women are bound to make a mistake or two when choosing the right one…

A blessing or a curse? Variety can be great at times, but often leads to making the wrong choices. But never fear! We’ve compiled this list to help you stop making the same bra mistakes again!


1. To push-up, or not to push-up?

For those who feel that their busts are too small, it’s time to embrace diversity! Instead of immediately going for the standard push-up, try the unlined version instead.

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2. Matching your bra style to your outfit

Every woman has that one favorite type of bra she wants to wear all the time, but often you find that it clashes with your outfit. The best thing to do is buy a variety of shapes and sizes the next time you’re out bra-shopping.

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3. Sticking to the wrong sized bra

This is one of the biggest bra mistakes a woman can make. Whether the issue is that the bra is too small, or even too big, it is important to make sure you get the right size for you. The most common errors is a cup that is too small while the band is too big. It’s time to admit that you’ll need that 34D rather than the 36C you’re holding on to.

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4. Using the second- or third-level bra clasp

You want to make sure you’re bra is tight enough to hold you together, so you instinctively go for the tightest hook, but you might be wrong! It isn’t healthy to keep your bra too tight, and if you can’t loosen it, then you might need a smaller bra!

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5. Don’t wear your bra more than two days in a row.

This is not necessarily a hygiene thing, but rather for the sake of your bra (and your budget), you should be able to make your bra last longer by alternating daily. Over-use is the number one bra killer!

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6. Don’t wash your bra with Woolite

Woolite is known to soften elastic on clothing, so the longevity of your bra will greatly decrease if not washed properly.

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7. Choosing a bra depending primarily on cup size is a no-no

Instead, try choosing your next bra depending on band size, then work your way to selecting the right cup size.Trust us, it makes a huge difference!

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8. Bra band sneaking up on your back

If your bra band rides up your back throughout the day, then you’re wearing the wrong size- try for a different band to stop that pesky issue! Remember, the band should always be leveled with the underwire of the bra.

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9. Wearing that favorite old bra

Experts suggest that you wear a bra for up to eight months before calling it quits. If you have a large collection of bras, it will allow you to use each for longer. If you stick to three or four good ones, you might need to do some bra shopping more frequently.

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10. Depending on a contoured bra

For some, like those who have perky, high-placed breasts, a contoured bra can totally work for you. Contoured bras the those stiff ones that hold their shape, even in the drawer. But for many others, a soft-seamed bra is probably a better fit. These bras mold to your shape and don’t leave that weird gap between  you and your bra that the contoured ones do.

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