He Makes £1 Million EVERY MONTH on Instagram!

If you haven’t heard of Joe Wicks, then well, where have you been? A fitness guru and Instagram hit, it has recently been revealed that Wicks makes £1 million EVERY MONTH just from his Instagram account!

Known as The Body Coach, Wicks has a fitness program called ‘Lean in 15’ that has a huge following and has also released several best-selling cookbooks.

He recently said that seeing the changes people make and hearing their stories is what keeps him motivated.

But we’re pretty sure the £1 million doesn’t hurt, either.

Behind the scenes photo shoot with @okmiddleeast in Dubai 📸😄💪🏽 Cloudy with a chance of lean balls 🌥

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His method is based on his ’15 minute’ factor – that all the healthy meals he shares can be cooked in 15 minutes.

It wasn’t instant fame for Wicks, however. He said that years ago he had about 4 followers and was consistently putting out free content. “I just wanted to help people.”

Once he discovered how to monetize his Instagram account however, his content became his business – a huge business. “Our turnover now is over a million pounds a month and when you say it out loud like that, it sounds ridiculous.” Yes, ridiculous. Or freakin’ amazing!!

Hello world 😊 Go check out my story on @snapchat – my username is thebodycoach 👻

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He says that his success comes from the fact that 500 people are signing up for his plan everyday on average, so the business keeps growing. He also says that the reason for his success is because he never set out to make money in the first place – it wasn’t his goal.


Well, whether that’s true or not, how many of us are about to hop over to Instagram and post one thousand pictures of anything we can think of?

But good on Wicks – he’s running a business focused on turning lives around, and has made his own living in the process!