He Came To Play Every Day for 2 Whole Months, Then Best Buy Employees Surprise Him With This!

This kid couldn’t have been any happier on Christmas morning after receiving the #1 present on his holiday wish list. Every day, he made the trip to Best Buy, just to spend time gaming on the console his parents couldn’t afford. Store employees took note of his visits and came together during the holiday season. 


“…this kid came in every single day to play the display Wii U, the employees in this store saw an opportunity to make a child smile and did just that,” the electronic store commented.

Pooling their hard earned cash together, Best Buy employees of Valley Stream, New York, managed to purchase a brand new WiiU for the kid. Raheim Storr, one of the managers, was the lucky man to hand over the gaming console. The man even included a copy of the kid’s favorite game, Super Smash Bros. 4!

Best Buy made plans to repay their employees’ generosity, adding that future ad revenue would be refunded back to them, with plans to purchase more party favors for the avid gamer.

The moment store employees presented the WiiU will melt anyone’s heart! Caught on camera, the absolutely priceless exchange makes it hard to fight back the tears! This was definitely a Christmas to remember. 

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