Grandfather With Days To Live Leaves A Special Present For His Family

Contemplating death is something most people can’t fathom. This grandfather not only prepared for his inevitable death, he left something behind to help his family cope. 


Knowing that his loss would leave a very real hole in his family, this grandpa decided to do something remarkable to help his family deal with their grief.

From his favourite plaid shirt, he created a pillow. It may seem like an unconventional gift, but when you think about it it’s such a sweet and memorable gift that his family could relish in. It undoubtedly still has a soft waft of their dear Grandpa.

The pillow had a very special message on it:

This is a shirt I used to wear.

Whenever you hold it, know that I am there. Love, Grandad xx

While nothing will bring this beloved man back to his family, the pillow will serve as a constant, cuddly reminder.

It’s the truly memorable gifts, rather than the expensive material possessions that we should all hold dear.

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