Gossip Girl Might Be over but You Can Still Get the Secret Scoop on the Show!

Although it’s been more than four years since fans of Gossip Girl said farewell to their favorite weekly show, many of them remember it like it was yesterday.


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The gorgeous designer clothes, the drama, finding out that Dan Humphrey was Gossip Girl …

The show might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer get the scoop!

Here are 14 on-set secrets you will want to know about Gossip Girl!

Six seasons before its conclusion, the writers, and producers of the show knew that Chuck and Blair would end up together! It had been planned that way since the beginning.


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Although there was enough history between Blair and Serena for them to be best friends on the show and sometimes even enemies, IRL the real actors Blake and Leighton didn’t talk that much.

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When asked who they thought Gossip Girl was, an audience who attended a test screening all answered Dan Humphrey! A scene where he was shown typing during a voiceover had been a dead giveaway!


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Blake Lively got fitted for Serena’s wedding dress the day after she actually got married to Ryan Reynolds! #RelationshipGoals


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The ongoing beef between Jenny Humphrey and Blair was resolved in the end and in the show’s finale, Jenny had a ‘J by Waldorf’ bag that showed she had her own line with Blair’s fashion company.

The reunion of Little J and Queen B!


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Chuck’s hotel, The Empire Hotel, is a real-life hotel that serves Gossip Girl-themed cocktails.

There is even an ‘XOXO’ cocktail on the drinks menu, complete with secret ingredients!


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Leighton Meester went from naturally blonde to brunette just to audition for the show.

Must have been a relief that she got the part!


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Just before Penn got the role of Dan, he thought he had come to the end of his acting career.

He even turned down the role twice before his agent was able to convince him to do it!


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A spin-off show was in the cards for Jenny when she went off to boarding school in Europe, but it never happened and Taylor Momsen ended up leaving the show!


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There was also supposed to be a spin-off featuring Lily Van der Woodsen and her sister when they were younger.

The show would have brought together characters from Gossip Girl and The O.C.!


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It was as much a surprise for Penn Badgley as it was for fans that Dan was Gossip Girl. He found out just before the scene where he revealed himself!


The show’s costumer designers modelled Blair’s clothes after Audrey Hepburn and Serena’s after Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.


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The network didn’t think that Ed Westwick was a good choice for the character of Chuck and said that he looked more like a serial killer than a male lead!

Fans couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part! To them, Ed is Chuck!


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The network also wanted Ashley Olsen and Rumer Willis to play the roles of Blair and Serena!

If it had gone that way, Gossip Girl could have been a totally different show!

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What was your favorite Gossip Girl moment?

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