Gorgeous Henna Crowns Help Cancer Patients Feel Confident After Losing Hair To Chemo

Battling through a cancer diagnosis can be a devastating and grueling fight. Thankfully, this saint of a woman is brightening the horizon, painting delicately beautiful henna crowns on chemo patients. 


Most likely, you or someone you know has dealt with the disease in one way or another. Going through chemotherapy treatments, radiation sessions, and painful testing can be stressful, irritating, and embarrassing at times. Sarahenna, a henna tattoo shop in Seattle, is doing everything it can to counteract those effects.

The kindhearted staff members generously donate their time, painting gorgeous designs on the balding heads of cancer patients.


The trend caught some attention and quickly spread throughout the nation. In fact, it was the inspiration for Henna Heals, a non-profit organization dedicated to beauty through cancer.

Sarahenna’s owner, Sarah Walters, became involved after her step-father got his diagnosis of the devastating disease. The woman remembered ‘feeling helpless’ through the entire ordeal and racking her brain for a way to help others in the same situation.


That’s when Walters set up shop, stocking plant-based ink to avoid comprising lowered immune systems. The skilled artist hoped her technique would offer an opportunity to relax, not unlike a day at the spa. So far, she’s doing a great job.

Joanne Rumstein-Ellis, a Toronto based henna artist, also strives for a similar concept.

“People didn’t just see her as sick. The [crown] was a conversation starter,” Rumstein-Ellis commented regarding one client’s story. “It made her feel beautiful and strong because people weren’t just feeling sorry for her…”


In a sense, the henna crowns provide an opportunity for cancer patients to blend with the crowd instead of standing out.

Lauren Russell, a loyal patron of Sarahenna, continues to return for weekly touchups, as the visits provide a brief break from the embarrassment. “People don’t see that it’s because I’m sick,” Russell explained. “… they see art.”


Walters is lifting spirits and instilling confidence within the brave men, women, and children fighting for their lives. She’s transforming negative situations into happy experiences, one henna crown at a time.

One longtime client of Walters, Chris V., said it best.

Chris explained, after journeying through one of the toughest and most frightening times of his life, Walters’ simple acts of kindness left “such a positive memory.”