Good Samaritan Saves A Woman's Life, So Ellen Decides To Give Him A Big Surprise

It can be hard to believe sometimes, but there are plenty of good people in this world. Kendrick Taylor is an example. When he heard a woman screaming in a parking lot, he didn’t think twice. The Navy vet ran over to help and saved the lady’s life.


The incident occurred back in 2014 in a Winn-Dixie parking lot. An elderly lady was about to get into her car when a vicious assailant approached and tried to steal her purse.

The woman screamed out as the thief attacked her. Luckily, good Samaritan and Navy vet Kendrick Taylor heard the screams and ran to help. While other people may have hesitated, Taylor didn’t think twice. He spotted the old lady and sprinted to her aid, tackling the attacker to the ground.

Taylor kept the thief pinned down until the cops arrived to arrest him. For his actions, he was given a Medal of Merit by the local sheriff’s office, but his rewards didn’t stop there.

Taylor was then invited onto Ellen’s show, where she revealed a whole bunch of exciting surprises to thank him for his kind deed. One of the best surprises is when Ellen announces that a special someone is waiting to meet him, but you’ll need to check out the video below to see exactly what happened!

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