Girl Has Near-Death Experience After 100 Feet Fall Off A Cliff

For 21-year-old Maggie Michael, a student research turned out to be a near-death experience.

She was collecting some rare plants for her local nature conservancy when she lost her footing and stumbled off a cliff 100 feet deep.

During her free fall she saw a sign that convinced her she would be alright.

It might sound strange to some people, but a lot of people, after experiencing a near-death experience, credit the power of prayer as their savior.

Maggie only injured her leg, which is nothing short of miracle when you consider how far she fell. Maggie firmly believes that God saved her life.

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Maggie Michael is a 21-year-old student of biology from Colorado State University. She had been studying a rare plant aletes humilis when she had her near-death experience.

Maggie Michael / Facebook

“I was pretty close to the edge and a rock when out from under my foot, so I lost my footing,” Maggie said. “And then I went over a 30-foot edge and so I did a 30-foot free fall.” After the 30-foot fall, she flipped over and fell another 70-feet.

Maggie Michael / Facebook

During her free fall, she resorted to prayer. “I just prayed, Jesus be with me and in that moment I saw two bald eagles.”

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“I was holding onto my necklace really hard. I have a crucifix and a Saint Dominic. If I didn’t land exactly where I did, I would’ve gone over the next cliff which was well over 200 feet.”

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“After a few steps, my vision got hazy and then black.” After 30 minutes, her team found and rescued her.

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Maggie had a radiant smile despite her leg injuries because she had been reaffirmed with the power of faith.

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