For The First Time In 37 Years, The Sahara Desert Was Coated With Snow

The largest hot desert on Earth, the Sahara Desert, spans over 3,600,000 square miles of desolate ground. 

The Sahara desert brings images of red earth, sloping dunes and hot air to mind. Incredibly, that wasn’t the vision Karim Bouchetata captured on December 19. The amateur photographer was able to document something that hasn’t happened in almost 40 years.

It snowed in the Sahara desert.

While the snow only lasted about a day, it was still a beautiful miracle.

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There is only a slight layer of frost at first…

via Facebook / Karim Bouchetata

But soon, that beautiful red sand becomes spotted with ice.

via Facebook / Karim Bouchetata

The colors start to swirl together in a stunning spectacle.

via Facebook / Karim Bouchetata

It was a once in a lifetime sight.

via Facebook / Karim Bouchetata