Fitness Model Forced To Live With An Artificial Heart

Andrew Jones had always been an athlete and loved to keep his body in top condition, so he was naturally shocked to learn that his heart was failing.


In his college years, Jones loved spending time at the gym or out on the truck. He had an impressive physique and excellent endurance levels, so nobody would ever have expected him to be suffering from heart problems.

Sadly, that’s exactly what happened. After a morning run, Jones began having big problems with his breathing. He barely had the strength to stand up straight and was even coughing up blood.

He went to see a doctor, who diagnosed him with cardiomyopathy, meaning that his heart is unable to pump blood properly around the body. The only solution was for Jones to get an artificial heart. Normally, he could have had a transplant, but it was too risky to wait for a donor.

Naturally, Jones was shocked by the news. Having an artificial heart completely changes a person’s life, as it takes a lot of looking after. Fortunately, Jones was up to the challenge and has refused to allow this event to ruin his life. He still works as a fitness model and he still manages to enjoy an athletic lifestyle.

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