Fellow Gymgoers Stage Intervention For Too-Thin Young Woman

All gymgoers are there, lifting weights or spinning wheels, for different reasons. Lauryn Lax worked out at the YMCA gym in Nashville because she was struggling with anorexia, and it was killing her. 

Lauryn didn’t personally know any of the people she exercised beside, but they knew her. Everyone in the gym had noticed the young woman who was becoming thinner and thinner each visit, but they weren’t excited for her. There were worried for her safety.

“Her body was just deteriorating, you could see it,” gymgoer Andy Clough said.

“Her eyes were getting kind of gray and sunk in and it didn’t look good,” another patron, Johnny Phipps added.

While some gym members turned a blind eye to the girl’s obvious pain, a group of concerned patrons decided to intervene by getting in touch with Lauryn’s parents.

Her parents confirmed that their daughter had been struggling with anorexia since she was just 9-years-old. While her parents had sought out professional help for her condition, nothing had ever worked.

Luckily for Lauryn, she had some very determined strangers willing to help. As Lauryn arrived for her next workout, the group of seven surrounded her car. Firmly, they told her that they were taking her to the hospital. Not surprisingly, Lauryn protested with cries and even screams, telling them to “leave me alone.”

They did not give up until she agreed, telling her they were scared for her.

Once the doctors at the hospital checked her out, it was discovered that her heart rate had dropped into the 30’s and it was thought she may need a pacemaker. She now weight a minuscule 79 lbs, a number she hadn’t seen on the scale since she was 10-years-old. Without a doubt, if these seven individuals hadn’t intervened, Lauryn would have died.

Forever grateful to these people, Lauryn is happy and healthy and using her experience to help others. By starting her own wellness company, Lauyn now helps other young people with their weight and accepting their bodies.

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