Family Find Missing Mom's Car 12 Hours After She Vanishes


Source: Warren Co. Sheriff's office

You always believe that things will go smoothly, and often never expect the unexpected. That’s why after many hours of no contact this woman’s family knew something wasn’t quite right. 

What was supposed to be a short hop to the store turned out to be totally different for this Mississippi woman.

She told her family that she wouldn’t take too long. Little did she know, she would be spending the next 12 hours lying at the bottom of a ravine

Debbie Kackley left for the store at 5pm and every hour that she didn’t return home, caused more and more feelings of worry for their mother.

After waiting what felt a lifetime, and completing searches of their own. Debbie’s family contacted the local emergency services to report her as missing.

The family looked around every little road and area they possibly could, in the hope to find Debbie. It was then, that one of the family members, caught a glimpse of something unusual..

Mary, Debbie’s sister, knew that she had found her sister, when she spotted serveal broken branches leading down to a steep ravine.

“My Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles, they were helping look, and they just pulled up… She said she just had like a feeling,” explains Debbie’s daughter.

Down below in the ravine, almost two hundred feet away, was Debbie and her car. lying under dense woodland. She was quickly rescued by emergency services and taken straight to hospital to get the necessary treatment. The accident is still being investigated, but the family are just so thankful to have Debbie back in one piece.

Times like these reminds us why we shouldn’t take people for granted, and should appreciate every moment we spend with our loved ones. Be sure to SHARE this video with your loved ones and remind them how much you treasure them.