Families Refused Booths At Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

When families enter certain restaurants they are asked the same questions. How many members in the party, and whether they would prefer a table or a private booth?

You generally get your preferred seating option. And if, for some reason, it isn’t available, some arrangement is made to your liking.

A couple of Texas Roadhouse restaurants however don’t do things like all other restaurants.

The staff actively refuses customers certain seating options. However, they do it for a good reason. Read on to find out more about this.


Texas Roadhouse restaurants have started closing off certain tables because they keep them reserved for a special group of people.

They’ve started permanently reserving certain tables for Gold Star families, soldiers, veterans, and other members of the community actively engaged in the military.

Instagram / tessa_meyer1202

The tables are reserved with a certain special ambience and have personalized messages for our everyday heroes.


It is absolutely amazing to see certain restaurants and chains honor our unsung heroes in this manner.

The setting is left in place regardless of whether the area is currently occupied.

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People have even started sharing the initiative taken by these restaurants over social media.

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In fact, sometimes they even give the soldiers and veterans an astonishing discount. In the bill shown above, you can see that the woman could basically eat her steak on the house!

Facebook / Ohio Going Blue

Next time you walk into one of the Texas Roadhouse restaurants and you’re refused a booth, be nice and take the regular table instead.

These Texas Roadhouse restaurants are an inspiration to all other franchises and restaurants to also adopt this means of honoring those who have sacrificed so much for our country!

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