Epic Mother-Daughter Team Takes Up 100 Days Weight Loss Challenge


Cheryl Shaw is a 50-year old single mom of two kids, and she’s often busy at her job in the ER. Tessa is her teenage daughter. Both of them have always struggled with their weight.

They once watched a video about weight loss and were inspired to take up the “Giveit100″ challenge as a team. They would give themselves 100 days of healthy eating and regular hours at the gym.

At the start of the challenge Cheryl weighed 256 pounds and Tessa weighed 181 pounds. “I’m a single mom and they depend on me…I’m all they have,” Cheryl said. “I’m definitely an emotional eater, and my daughter takes after me. We’re sick of looking like this, and it’s time to get the weight off and work hard.”

After the 100 days were up, both mother and daughter lost 42 and 32 pounds, respectively. They continued losing even more weight after the 100 days challenge was complete, and now Tessa weighs 135 pounds, whereas Cheryl weighs 149!

They’ve transformed how they look, and they’ve transformed their lives. We’re really happy for this mother-daughter team!

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