Engaged Couple Forego the Registry To Buy Weddings' Worth of Toys for Homeless Children

10 years later, Kristin Klingshirn and Bart Mattingly were finally tying the knot. That’s when they realized just how much stuff they’d accumulated over the past decade and came up with a brilliant idea.

Preparing for their upcoming wedding, the Atlanta, GA radio personality and her fiance began to check items off the list. Kristen and Bart decided on the venue, picked out the designer wedding cake, and mailed off the one-of-a-kind invitations. Next joint decision: registering for gifts.

Looking around at the mounds of unused sporting equipment, cupboards of plateware and serving dishes, and rows of DVDs and books, the couple came to the obvious conclusion: they didn’t need anything else! It was time to start brainstorming.

Kristen quickly noted while their apartment was fully stocked, others’ may not be in the same situation; other kids, that is. She came up with the idea to register solely for toys that could be donated to less fortunate children. Bart was completely on board with the idea, falling slightly more in love with Kristen’s generous spirit.

The newlyweds-to-be chose “Bert’s Big Adventure” as the lucky recipient. The philanthropic organization, known for providing all-inclusive Disney World vacations to terminally ill children and their families, held a special place in Kristen and Barts’ hearts.’

Far past their childhood and adolescence, the couple searched for volunteers to accompany them on a trip to Target. With a few kiddos in tow, they took to the toy aisles with scanners in hand.

The group managed to do some damage, registering for thousands of toys, games, movies, you name it! They scanned it. Still with weeks to go before the wedding, Kristen and Bart have received just over 3,000 packages. Believe it or not, there’s still room for improvement.

Check out the couple’s’ whirlwind wedding planning, along with the rest of their incredible journey in the video below!