Enamored Big Brother Won't Let His Mom Take His Babies From Him

Introducing another sibling into the existing family dynamic can be a little tricky. Often the firstborn child can feel intimidated about sharing Mommy and Daddy’s attention. This little boy is the exception to the rule. 

There are two types of firstborn children; the ones that are busting for another playmate, and the ones that would rather eat all their greens than share their parents’ love and attention. I was the latter, sorry siblings!

Therefore, to soften the blow of the pint sized intrusion, parents often take the time and effort to teach child #1 how to hold the baby and how to talk to the baby in order to make them feel involved.

When this little family from Oregon found out their second child would actually be child #2 and #3, I bet they were nervous.

But, they needn’t have worried. Big brother Elijah aced his baby holding lesson, and never let go.

In this adorable video recorded by Mommy, Elijah sits happily on the couch watching his cartoons, with both of his baby brothers siting casually on his lap.

After awhile Mom offers to take the babies off the toddlers hands, but he’s pretty comfortable with the situation.

Whenever mom reaches out to collect the tiny newborns, Elijah tells her “no!” in between glances at the television.

Looks like this little boy is firstborn type 1. Again, sorry siblings.