Eminem's Daughter Hailie Is a 20-Year Old Woman Who Graduated from High School with a 3.9 Grade Point Average and Now Attends Michigan State University

Despite Eminem’s fame and the media scrutiny of his sometimes troubled private life, his daughter Hailie Jade Scott Mathers has managed to miraculously stay out of the limelight.

While she has been the inspiration behind some of her father’s music, Hailie has managed to live a relatively normal life, compared to the children of other celebrities.  Now all grown up, Hailie who recently turned 20, graduated from high school with a 3.9 grade point average in 2014 and attends Michigan State University. Briefly becoming a media darling during the transition from high school to college, Eminem fans finally got the chance to see just how beautiful and intelligent Hailie has become.

Photos from Hailie’s Twitter give a rare opportunity to appreciate her beauty.

Hailie goes to great efforts to maintain her low-key profile. She stays under the radar by making all of her social media accounts private. Even her Twitter is kept personal and private.

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Father and Daughter, Eminem and Hailie

Committed to being a present father, Eminem continued to live in Michigan, even after the divorce from Hailie’s mother, Kim Scott. When asked by Rolling Stone magazine about his decision to stay in Detroit, Eminem explained that he wanted his children (Hailie and his two adopted daughters? and?) to have the kind of stability he never had when he was younger and moved around a lot.

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Hailie is the only biological daughter from the union of Marshall Mathers (Eminem) and Kim Scott

The love/hate relationship between Eminem and Kim started in the 1980s. Hailie was born in 1995, just before the couple got married. They got divorced soon after but were married again in 2005, this time for only 2 weeks.

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Hailie was named homecoming queen at her high school in 2013

Eminem attended the homecoming ceremony but stayed under the radar to keep the spotlight on his daughter.

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Hailie lives a normal life

Hailie developed in a balanced way and is not only academically inclined but also athletic and civic-minded.

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Hailie and adopted sister Alaina

The daughter of Kim Scott’s sister, Alaina was adopted by both Kim and Eminem, who raised her as their own. Hailie considers her a sister.

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Hailie has been an inspiration for many of her father’s songs

The best-known song by Eminem about his daughter is “Hailiie’s song”, a melancholic hit in which Eminem shows that his daughter gives him purpose.

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Hailie is now a woman.

No longer a baby, people speculate over Hailie’s future with some saying that she could be a model if she chose to be.

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Hailie’s graduation from high school

Hailie graduated from the Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township, Michigan.

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Living a normal life

Hailie’s life, seems to all extents, to be happy and normal.

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Regardless of what the critics say about Eminem, they can never deny his love for his daughter.

And even if Hailie is all grown up, I think it’s safe to say that she will always be Eminem’s baby.

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