Eliminate Foggy Car Windows This Winter With A Simple Sock And Kitty Litter Combo

There’s nothing worse than embarking on your early morning commute, only to find your car windshield and windows are completely fogged up. It certainly makes for a miserable morning.  

While the last thing you have time for is to wait for the condensation to dissipate, the dangerous alternative is driving with limited vision and risking a collision.

Ever thought about how fog happens? Your windscreen wipers are rendered redundant when the air inside your car becomes warmer than the air outside, causing the moisture inside the car to condense against the cold glass.

If you are sick of suffering through these frustrating winter woes, this video tutorial offers you a way out. With one nifty little trick, you can prevent interior window condensation.

Simply take a pair of old socks (ones with no holes), fill one with silica crystal cat litter (it removes moisture), tie it closed and then put it inside the other sock. Leave this handy creation inside the cabin and it will absorb any excess moisture inside your car.

Say good bye to fogged up window and drive safe!