Dog Finds Abandoned Puppy In A Garbage Can

Dogs generally dig through garbage to find hidden treasures or some treats, generally because they’re hungry. However, one dog dug through a garbage can to find an abandoned puppy instead.

A police officer didn’t think anything of it when he saw his neighbor’s dog, Julie, digging through the garbage. He went about his own day. However, when he returned later, he found Julie still there, but with something other than food in her mouth.

The officer initially believed it to be a cat corpse. But when he looked closer, he realized that it was actually a newborn puppy.

The puppy had been discarded in the garbage can and left to die, but Julie dug her out and took care of her.

The officer immediately took action and he called Marco Antonio Rodrigues, a local animal rescuer.

Julie might have saved the newborn puppy, but she couldn’t have provided the nourishment and milk the puppy needed.

Marco took action and decided to find the newborn puppy a home!

Facebook / Marco Antonio Rodrigues

When the officer tried to take the puppy, Julie started whining because she was afraid that the puppy might come to further harm!

Realizing that Julie was concerned about the puppy’s welfare, he brought Julie along to care for her as well!

Facebook / Marco Antonio Rodrigues

Marco used social media to try and find anyone who knew of any dog that was nursing. The puppy was in desperate need of nourishment.

Facebook / Marco Antonio Rodrigues

The social media call worked. Someone contacted them with their dog named Lupi, who was able to provide much-needed milk to the puppy!

Lupi already had her own puppies, and she adopted the new one without a fuss!

Facebook / Marco Antonio Rodrigues

Once Lupi took over, Julie felt okay about leaving the puppy to her care.

Lupi is now the puppy’s surrogate mother, and she is giving the puppy all the nourishment and care he needs and deserves.

Facebook / Marco Antonio Rodrigues

They named the puppy Chaplin, and he’ll be put up for adoption as soon as he is weaned from Lupi!

Facebook / Marco Antonio Rodrigues

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