Dog Discovers A Frozen Kitten And Won't Stop Licking Until She Recovers

We often think of dogs and cats as mortal enemies, but the truth is that, in times of need, animals will often help each other out, regardless of their species. Just look at how this dog reacted when it came across a little frozen kitten!



We’ve seen stories like this one before, but it’s always fascinating to see animals of different species looking out for one another, especially when the animals involved are cats and dogs!

When Mittens the dog spotted a frozen kitten, she didn’t think twice. She immediately started to lick her, doing all she could to bring some life back into the little ball of fur.

Luckily, her efforts paid off! After a few good licks, the kitten let out a little meow.

Mittens hadn’t recently given birth, but, a few days after this incident, her body actually started producing milk, which she was able to feed to the kitten. She looked after the baby like one of her own, and her body responded in exactly the right way.

Now, Mittens has become this kitten’s adoptive mother, and you can check out all that cuteness in the video below!

It’s also important to highlight the dangers many animals face at this time of year. The cold weather of winter can be a huge danger to our furry friends, so always be on the lookout for any animals in danger, and SHARE this article around to raise awareness!