Do you remember these gadgets from the 90s?

Remember what we called technology in the 90s?


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In the same way that we couldn’t have foreseen mobile phones with touchable screens and portable Internet, it’s almost impossible for our children and grandchildren to believe that we once used floppy disks instead of USB keys and carried music around on something called a cassette tape!

Most of what passed as cool and hip in the 90s now look like they hail from the dark ages and are already museum-worthy!

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Remember recording songs straight off the radio to make a mixed tape?

(It was grueling trying to record the intro of the song without a bit of the DJ talking!)


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These now look like something out of ‘Doctor Who’ and most kids won’t even believe that they used to be phones!

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Mobile phones meant that they were installed in the car!


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Remember that DOS prompt? If you couldn’t remember the command you wanted, you would just have to stare at the blinking green dash until you did!


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What about the notebook-sized floppy disks?


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The pre-historic version of the digital video camera?


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There was the Walkman (for cassettes) and then there were portable CD players!

Can you relive taking out your favorite CD and cleaning it against your jumper every time it skipped!


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Not knowing how your vacation pics turned out until you had the film in the disposable camera developed at the photo shop?


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