Discover How Technology Has Reinvented Traditional Welding

Welding isn’t only about flames and very bright lights!

New technology has reinvented welding and ‘stir welding’ can join together different metals.

Compared to arc welding, ‘stir welding,’ has fewer variables, dispenses with the need for consumables and has the advantage of forging strong, defect-free bonds.

When you are first exposed to stir welding, it doesn’t look like it makes sense.

You see a machine drill down between two plates of metal and it isn’t immediately obvious why they would cause the two plates to become joined.

via YouTube / Bill Johnson

The spinning bit that has been driven between the plates, however, produces so much friction that the metal is heated to point of becoming plasticized!

Instead of making the metal glow and drip like you see in traditional welding, there is a clear smoke and the copper plates simply change color.

via YouTube / Bill Johnson

As the bit continues to spin rapidly, the seam between the two plates disappears as the two metals are practically stirred together like a cake batter. This is why it’s called ‘stir welding.’

The fact that only the metals that are being joined take part in the process, you get a song defect-free weld.

via YouTube / Bill Johnson

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