Determined Mother Makes Public Plea For Missing Son To Go See A Doctor For His Illness

This is a truly heartbreaking story that everyone should be sharing. Almost four months ago, Vanessa Richards left her home in the early afternoon to go to work and when she returned her adult son was missing. She has not seen him since. 

During early September this year, Vanessa’s son Karl Melo-Richards was staying with her after he and his long-term girlfriend decided to take a break from their relationship.

When Karl’s younger sister returned to their New South Wales home on the evening of September 2nd, she found both the front and back doors open and no sign of her brother. Karl’s wallet, keys, and car had all been left behind, the only thing missing was his cell phone. Neither Vanessa or her daughter had heard anything from Karl during that entire day.

Vanessa said her son Karl had been suffering from anxiety, insomnia and depression for the past year.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) reported that due to his condition, Karl had “not slept for four days prior to his disappearance.”

His concerning health issues had led to hair follicle test being done, but Karl disappeared before he was given the results.

In an emotional video, Vanessa informed her son that his test results showed positive traces of toxic metals such as lead, aluminum and uranium which could explain his depression, anxiety and insomnia.

She urges him to go to a doctor that practices chelation, an intravenous method that will draw the metals out of his system and potentially lift his depression.

“I hope then, that you may be able to think more clearly and you may be able to return to us someday,” the mother pleas, brimming with emotion.

“If you can’t return, just to let us know that you are out there and you are okay, would be a great comfort.”

“We miss you so much, and we would love to be the family we were before.”

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