Dancing Grandma Hears Elvis And Hits The Dance Floor


There are plenty of people around the world who prove that age is just a number. This dancing grandma is just another example of that crucial fact!

In this video you’ll see a 101-year-old grandma who really packs all the energy of any young kid out there!

In the video, the grandma looks at the camera and smiles. But as the song “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley starts up, she starts swinging her hips with the beats.

Before you even know it, she starts dancing in time with the music, waving her hands back and forth, as if she were dancing with Presley himself!

But the dancing grandma isn’t done just yet. She crouches down, spins, twirls, and then belts out the words to the song!

This dancing grandma proves that whether you’re 101 or 21, you’re never too old to dance!

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An 101-year-old woman is wowing the internet with her energetic dance moves. Minerva Boran proves age is just a number as she grooves to Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes." Boran broke out the moves including twirls, jazz hands and a lot of hip shaking while at a retirement home. Boran, who's been living there since she was 95, entertains her fellow residents with her dancing at least twice a week.