Dad Sends A Flower Arrangement For An Aging Bulldog!

Last week one family went viral after they received a flower arrangement at their door addressed to their dog.

Debbie Cardone, the mom, opened the door to be greeted with an elaborate flower arrangement sent by her husband. She naturally assumed they were meant for her.

But then she realized the flower arrangement was addressed to Sebastian, their 10-year-old bulldog!

However, Debbie found it adorable and she even posted the pictures on Facebook so that everyone else could share in this epic story!

However, it was the Cardones’ teenage daughter who made this story go viral over Twitter!

Lily Cardone shared the story all over social media and the internet found it hilarious!

Twitter / Lily Cardone

When Lily shared the story about the flower arrangement, her mom, and Sebastian, she made a superstar out of her family dog!

“My dad sent flowers to my house today, and my mom thought they were for her,” she wrote on Twitter. “THINK AGAIN.”

The tweet reached thousands of people!

Twitter / Lily Cardone

However, Debbie the mom was the first to take to social media when she posted pictures of the flower arrangement over Facebook!

“So flowers were delivered today,” her Facebook post read. “My husband is very good about sending random flowers to me. I thought ‘oh isn’t that nice!’…then I read the card…”

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Her husband often works overseas so she is used to receiving flower arrangements. It’s his way of showing her that she’s on his mind.

However, on this one instance it was Sebastian, their bulldog, on his mind!

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Sebastian hadn’t been feeling all too well, and he’d had an ACL surgery on his aging knees. This left him slow and tired.

His dad sent him a flower arrangement with a note that read: “Sebastian, Feel better you’ll be back in the game very soon. Love Daddy.”

Isn’t that adorable!

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Sebastian is officially a senior dog now, having recently turned 10!

He’d had surgery done on two of his knees. And his family lavished him with love during his recovery.

However, Dad’s flower arrangement gift made him an icon!

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Twitter / Lily Cardone

Lily later sent out a tweet which said, “It only took 10 years and an ACL surgery for people to finally realize that Sebastian is a star.”

1-800-Flowers, the company that sent the original flower arrangement, also sent their love and greetings to the dog!

They sent the family a couple of notes:

“Sebastian, we wish you a speedy recovery filled with belly rubs and treats!”

“Lily, wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!”

“Debbie, just a little something to thank you for all that you do and to wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!”

Twitter / Lily Cardone

However, those notes came along with six more lovely flower arrangements!

That’s Sebastian right there, proud and lovely!

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