Court Clerk Becomes The Victim Of A Guilty Man's Charges


Kalina Blosser, a Kansas City court clerk, thought she was going to just another day at work. She took her seat beside Judge Joe Locascio as she always did.

However, when her next case walked into the courtroom, it was her boyfriend Mike Severo. This wasn’t too shocking for her because Mike often visited her during lunch hours. He too worked for the city, in the communications department.

However, the court clerk was surprised to see Mike’s mom trailing along as well. She immediately knew something was up.

Judge Locascio then stated that Mike had several charged against him, and he continued to read them out. However, these charges were quite serious. To quote the judge, “You’re accused, in 2013, while training Kalina Blosser as a court clerk, of failing to maintain a demeanor as a stone cold fox and allowing her to trespass on your heart. In count two, you’re accused of following the said Kalina Blosser around this courthouse for three solid years like a puppy dog in an attempt to gain entrance into her heart.”

Mike not only plead guilty to all the charges, he then proceeded to address “the victim” herself, aka court clerk Kalina Blosser.

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