Couple Is Surprised To Find Mysterious Box In The Attic...They're Even More Shocked At What's Inside

Of course, they wanted to preserve their beloved family memories as long as they could. Little did they know just how many years that would actually entail…

It was like every other day for Ronald Warninger. His time would be dedicated to errands and simple to-do tasks around the house, the mundane events of a retired man.

Cleaning out his garage that day, Ronald’s findings were anything but ordinary. He stumbled upon a dusty, familiar hat box, but hadn’t thought much of the seemingly random, unimportant container.

However, its contents were much more intriguing. Popping open the vintage box, Ronald was shocked to see a piece of wedding cake inside … dating all the way back to 1915!

Courtesy of Ronald Warninger via BuzzFeed

As it turned out, the 100-year-old slice originally belonged to his grandparents,’ Havey and Inez.

March 17, 1915, the then, newlywed couple followed a common tradition of the times. The lovebirds cut off a sliver of their wedding cake, what actually happened to be the top tier of the culinary masterpiece, with the plan to freeze it for a year. Twelve months later, they intended to reminisce about and taste the ‘honeymoon phase’ of their marriage one final time.

The only flaw in their plan? The couple forgot to finish the cake!

Courtesy of Ronald Warninger via BuzzFeed

Of course, the cake was no longer edible after the first few years and actually became more of a family heirloom at that point. Once her husband passed in the early 1940’s, Inez gifted the purple hat box, wedding cake included, to Ronald’s parents.

“My grandparents didn’t have a good freezer and my folks bought one of those upright freezers and I remember it being packed in tin foil and being told, ‘You’re not allowed to touch that,’” Ronald explained.

Wanting to keep the precious memory safe, Ronald moved the family heirloom into his own home -he just couldn’t remember where he’d decided to stash it.

Courtesy of Ronald Warninger via BuzzFeed

Even so, it would be pretty clear to any apparent strangers that the cake was not quite ‘edible.’ It’s formerly creamy white icing was now a ‘plastic-like,’ thick, shell of a casing. Apparently, it “sounds like porcelain when you tap it with your fingernail.”

More precious and romantic than the slice of cake was Grandma Inez’s memory book that came along with it. Flipping through its pages, Ronald noticed something that stood out, a poem written by one of his grandmother’s friends, Nellie.

The penned noted dated all the way back to 1905, predicting the prosperous marriage Inez and Harvey would be sure to lead.

Courtesy of Ronald Warninger via BuzzFeed

“Dear Inez —” the poem began.

“Remember me when far away,
And only half awake,
Remember me on your wedding day,
And send me a slice of cake.”

Facebook/Jenny Wagner

Jenny, Ronald’s daughter, is the most recent recipient of the time honored family heirloom. Also impressed with the cake’s longevity, she too plans to pass it on to her children.

A reminder of the past, found in the present, giving a hopeful look at the future, the slice of cake has stood the test of time. Our fingers are crossed for the family, hoping for another 100 years of history!

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Courtesy of Ronald Warninger via Yahoo News