Cop Tickets Homeless Man, Then Gives Him A Coat!


Peter White and Bob Osborne, two Chicago cops, came across a homeless man on the streets and they had to ticket him.

However, when they saw the homeless man wearing just a light jacket they realized just how cold he must be. They promised to return for him.

The officers returned to the homeless man three weeks later. He was initially scared upon seeing the cop cars pull up, but then Officer White pulled out a gray coat from the backseat.

He approached the homeless man and helped him wear the coat. Officer White then zipped up the homeless man’s coat for him!

You can see the touching exchange between the homeless man and the cop in the video below.

Little did White know that he was being secretly filmed by his partner who put it up on Facebook and the video soon went viral!

The cops hope that the video will inspire kindness towards the homeless this season. In fact, they are even thinking of starting a coat drive to help the needy!

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