Cat Disowned For Not Using Litter Box

Cat owners may love their cats, but they generally don’t like the litter box.

Some cats learn the use of a litter box quite soon. Others may be relatively slow learners.

Regardless, cat owners choose to accept this little struggle out of their love for their cats! However, not all cat owners are patient.

Dixie, a little kitty, had stopped using the litter box. So her owner took her to a shelter in Illinois. Due to overcrowding, she ran the risk of being euthanized.

However, cat organizations swept in to the rescue. A member from the Facebook page Cole and Marmalade approached Kenosha Forgotten Friends to try and figure out a solution for Dixie.

Even though she doesn’t use a litter-box, she is no less worthy of love and care. Thank god she found it.

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Kenosha Forgotten Friends

Dixie is an 8-year-old calico cat. She had stopped using her litter box. So her owner wanted to surrender her to a shelter, where she might even be euthanized.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends

She was also constantly being bullied by the other cats. So much so that she just hid under her bed.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends

However, Kenosha Forgotten Friends got her the help she needed. Apparently she was suffering from a few health related issues.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends

She was suffering from a urinary tract infection and an upper respiratory infection.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends

The group gave her the medical care she needed, and then she started using the litter box!

“She is already feeling better and feels safe and secure after only a few days of getting proper care and the love and attention she deserves!” Kenosha Forgotten Friends said to Love Meow.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends

She has a great life now. Her new family even threw her a party! Kenosha Forgotten Friends shared it on their Facebook page:

“This is so heartwarming that we just have to share with all of you that have followed Dixie on her journey. Stories like this make our day! Dad’s friends threw a SURPRISE “new KITTY shower,” complete with cards, pink wrapping paper and all! Dixie got lots of gifts! Cat trees, toys, and treats! We think all had a good time! Especially Dixie. Now we’ve heard of baby showers, but never a kitty shower!”

You can also help Dixie with her recovery by donating to this link.

Kenosha Forgotten Friends

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