Carly Simon Sings The Lost Verse Of You're So Vain And Reveals A Shocking Secret

Carly Simon is famous for the 70s mega hit “You’re So Vain”. The song lead to a lot of speculation about who the lyrics could have been referring to. She recently performed some of the “lost” verse from the song, and it has flared up the debate yet again.


Carly Simon is now 71, and she performed her classic number at the BBC Four documentary called Classic Albums: Carly Simon – No Secrets.

Before performing, she said, “This is a verse which I haven’t ever sung. I’m going to try and sing it for the first time. I wrote it on a pad but it never made it into the song”.

The lyric is a scathing indictment of a certain man who has several “wives”.

Below are the lyrics:

A friend of yours revealed to me / That you’d loved me all the time

[You] kept it secret from your wives / You believed it was no crime.

You called me once to ask me things / I couldn’t quite define

Maybe that is why I have tried to dismiss you / Tried to dismiss you

Watch the original video below:

Carly Simon spoke about the lyrics to the song in 2015 when she said the lines “gave away the things you loved / And one of them was me” referred to the actor Warren Beatty.

The reveal lead to Carly Simon landing on the cover of People magazine’s just before her new memoir was released. But she recently said that there was more to the song. To quote her, “I therefore decided to give a little bit away. Now, that doesn’t mean that the other two verses aren’t also about Warren. It just means that the second one is.”