Can You Spot What's Wrong with the Design of This Model Home?

When one Reddit user, liquidthc, drove past this South Carolina model home, he was so surprised by what he saw, that he took a photo and uploaded it onto the website. It went viral!

With a caption that read, “They had one job,” liquidthc was convinced that the mistake was obvious. But not everyone could spot it right away, including me.

Can you see what’s wrong?


Well, if you look at the driveway, you will notice that it leads up to the side of the house instead of the garage! Can you see it? There is actually no way to get to the garage from the street.


It is unclear whether this is purposeful and while some think it’s a major design flaw, other Reddit users think that it is a functional design used for model homes. According to one person, until all the homes are sold, the paved driveway acts as a parking lot for visitors and sales agents, while the garage is the sales office. When the neighbourhood has been sold, the front of the house will be reconfigured in the right way.

Another Reddit user, who had been a real estate appraiser for 13 years, said that he had never seen something like this done intentionally. He reckoned that either there had been a mistake by the concrete guys or a late discovery that for one reason or another, the driveway couldn’t be laid at the front required the compromise.

What do you think? Do you think it was done on purpose? Or is it a mistake?

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