Can You Spot All The Horses?

If you’re tired of all the panda puzzles online, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a new kind of picture puzzle in town! Actually – it’s quite an old one!

Artist Bev Doolittle made a painting called Pintos in 1975. The painting was inspired by a trip her and her husband had taken around the southwestern countryside, watching a herd of pinto horses parade by. She instantly wanted to paint what she had seen on that day.

Isn’t it amazing?

But take a close look at the painting – how many horses do you see in it?

A lot of people have stared at the painting for long periods of time, trying to figure out how many horses there actually are.

Can you guess?

There are in fact five horses in the painting.

Didn’t get stumped enough? Here’s another horse painting for you!

Jim Warren painted this one. He called the painting ‘Seven Horses’, but can you actually find all 7?

You can see the first four pretty clearly.

The next one isn’t quite a full horse, but you can see a definite horse shape…

The sixth can actually be seen better if you flip the painting upside-down…

And the seventh horse?…

It already left the picture! Those are it’s hoof prints!

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