Can You Guess What The New Oreo Flavor Is?

We all know Oreo is perfect just the way it is.

There are of course those who like the peanut butter version or the strawberry version, but the original Oreo is an eternal favorite.

However, Oreo keeps coming up with new flavors just to see if something sticks. Most of them don’t, but at least they satisfy our curiosity.

This new flavor that Oreo has introduced seems a bit too outlandish, but it’s unique!

It’s called the ‘Fireworks Oreo’ and even though the taste remains much the same, the way it feels on the tongue changes tremendously. The cream of the Oreo now comes with popping candy so it feels like fireworks in the mouth!

Credit: Nabisco

This is sure to be a divisive subject because some people love popping candy and some ate it. No middle ground.

As of now, these popping candy Oreo biscuits are only available in the US.

Stuff like this keeps happening. Earlier this year, Cadbury had introduced the Oreo Creme Egg flavor in the UK.

It was the same old Oreo but with Creme Egg filling.



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