Bride Throws A Fit At DJ For Ruining Her Wedding Dance


Wedding days are supposed to be meticulously planned and perfect. But sometimes they can also be quite shocking.

You may plan everything out by the book, you may spend months on creating the perfect wedding, but you must always prepare for the unexpected. That’s what happened to this bride on her wedding reception.

This video was posted on the 1st of September, 2014. When the video starts it seems like Anton and Tiffany are ready to share their first dance.

However, just a minute into their first dance, something terrible happens, the music suddenly stops.

Tiffany’s immediate reaction is to say “Oh no!”, upset that her romantic moment could be ruined so easily. She even has some furious words with the DJ, who looks baffled!

When he makes excuses, saying that it’s because of a new CD player, she gets even more furious.

Finally, he begs her to wait and asks “what about this?” And then he turns on a completely different song.

Now most brides would have been upset by this, but Tiffany instead just smiles and starts swaying with the music. But if you want to find out why or what happens next, you’ll just have to watch the video on your own!

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