Brave 5-Year-Old Girl Scales 40 Feet Cliff To Rescue Family

Little kids look fragile and small. It is hard to imagine them doing anything really, well, mighty! However, this little girl proves that when the time comes, kids can be really brave.

Angela Shymanski is a devoted mother who loves all her children immensely. However, she learnt something about her young daughter that really shook her up.

Facebook | Angela Shymanski

Angela is a swim instructor by profession. As such, she gets really tired during her work, but even when she returns home her work doesn’t end because she has to take on the role of a full time mother to her 5-year-old daughter Lexi and her newborn son Peter.

However, exhaustion can take its toll. And in this case, it had a very bad consequence.

Facebook | Angela Shymanski

One day while driving her kids her exhaustion consumed her and she fell asleep at the wheels.

The car swerved off the road and went straight for a cliffside. Things were about to go tragically wrong.

Facebook | Angela Shymanski

The car dropped down 40 feet, and got stuck to a tree. Angela was unconscious and little Pete was crying relentlessly. That’s when Lexi took control.

She was brave enough that she didn’t let the fear and shock of the moment cripple her. Brave Lexi rose to the occasion.

Facebook | Angela Shymanski

Lexi somehow got out of the car and climbed 40 feet uphill barefoot. The brave little girl rose to the top and hailed the first car that came her way.

But climbing downhill to the car was an even more dangerous thing to do.

Facebook | Angela Shymanski

The rescue team arrived and they had to use harnesses and ropes to scale the cliff. They were shocked that the brave girl had managed to climb uphill without so much as shoes on!

Lexi’s brave actions saved her entire family from the throes of tragedy.

Facebook | Angela Shymanski

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