Bow Down To The Ultimate Goddess, Jennifer Aniston, As She Admits To Major Sexcadpades

Jennifer Aniston can do no wrong. She ruled the 90’s, started a hair trend and has defied the entire concept of aging. Recently, she’s proved that she’s also super sexual, and DGAF about you knowing it either. 

While she’s made a truck load of hilarious, moving and memorable films, it can’t be denied that her most famous role was Rachel from Friends. Her flighty, naive, lovable demeanor led Rachel to do some pretty crazy things!


Well, it turns out that Aniston herself isn’t afraid to get a little wild herself.

On her most recent sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres, the pair played “Never Have I Ever” on live TV. Risky…

via YouTube / TheEllenShow

Right of the bat, the first question real-life friend Ellen threw Aniston was, “Never have I ever joined the mile high club.”

Both of them said, “I have.”


Then, Ellen said, “Never have I ever joined the mile high club in the cockpit.”

Aniston said yes, and she looks like she’s beginning to realize what Ellen is up to.


When a very cheeky Ellen asks if it was with the pilot, co-pilot and flight attendant, Aniston just leaves her paddle flipped to “I have”, and the crowd love it!

I don’t think Jen will be telling Ellen any more of her kinky secrets ever again.

Watch the full segment below. It’s worth it to watch poor Jen squirm.