Baby Refuses To Breastfeed And Reveals Breast Cancer

It’s important to breastfeed one’s child. It can create a loving and nurturing bond between mother and child.

Many moms aren’t able to breastfeed their kids for one reason or the other.

However, one mom in the U.K. may have been saved by her kid who refused to breastfeed.

Facebook / Sarah Boyle

26-year-old Sarah Boyle gave birth to her son, Teddy. She could breastfeed him well enough for 6 months, however after that Teddy refused to breastfeed from her right breast.

Facebook / Sarah Boyle

He would breastfeed well enough from the left breast, but he would cry when he was turned to the right breast.

Sarah and her husband, Steven, went to consult their doctor because they were worried something might be wrong with either one of them.

Sarah was recommended to get a biopsy done, and she received some shocking news two weeks later. She had breast cancer.

Sarah is now receiving chemotherapy and might even get a double mastectomy.

Facebook / Sarah Boyle

Sarah said, “Teddy is my hero — if it hadn’t been for him I would never have suspected I had cancer. My consultant told me breastfeeding helps a mother and baby bond. In my case it did more than that — it saved my life.”

Facebook / Sarah Boyle

Sarah had noticed something was wrong with her breasts only five months after the birth. However, the doctors said it was all okay.

They only pursued this seriously when Teddy refused to breastfeed after six months.

Facebook / Sarah Boyle.

“I felt as if Teddy was trying to tell me something. It was what you might call a mother’s instinct,” Sarah explained.

Facebook / Sarah Boyle

“I felt so proud of Teddy for bringing the problem to my attention. The cancer inside the cyst had been growing for three months – the exact same time Teddy stopped feeding from my breast.”
Sarah is really lucky that her intuitive son, Teddy, refused to breastfeed. Otherwise the cancer may have grown.

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