Babies Communicate With Each Other Over Skype


When do you think babies develop the faculties for proper communication? Is it from the womb itself, or sometime later? Is it natural or nurtured?

Whatever your views may be, I think we can all agree that all babies have their unique personalities. And when they do start displaying signs of communication, it is a moment no one should ever miss! For example, in the video below you’ll see a hilarious and adorable example of a baby trying to communicate with another baby over Skype!

The video starts off with the mother holding up the phone so her baby can talk over Skype.

The moment the two babies see each other over Skype, they immediately start communicating!

Well, they communicate in baby-speak that is, with a lot of giggles, cooing, laughter, and screams!

The adults are highly amused seeing the babies communicate!

The only unimpressed member of the family is the dog, perhaps because he is the only one who can understand baby-speak.

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