ASDA Opens Quiet Hour For Autistic Shoppers

If you’ve ever had someone close to you with autism, then you know how difficult it can be to have an easy outing with them. Loud noise in particular is often upsetting for people with Autism, and can cause them to feel unsafe. It’s also a source of annoyance and stress for many other disabled or sensory-sensitive adults and children.

That’s why Simon Lea, manager of the ASDA branch in Cheetham Hill, UK, decided to introduce a ‘Quiet Hour’ in the store.

File photo dated 01/05/15 of the entrance to Asda's head office in Leeds, as the supermarket is set to cut hundreds of jobs with the UK's supermarket price war continuing to reshape the industry.

Customers at the ASDA store will need to abide by the quiet rules between 8am-9am.

Escalators will stop, in-store music will halt and display tunes will be turned off too. TVs will also be shut off.

Everyone is welcome to shop during the quiet hour so long as they comply with the rule to keep the noise to a minimum.

Adam S. / FI

Adam S. / FI

Simon thought of the idea when he noticed a young boy having a difficult time at the store with his mom. He said the boy was kicking and screaming because of the sensory-overload, and his poor mother didn’t know what to do.

Do you think it would be good to have ‘Quiet Hours’ everywhere? Besides benefitting autistic or disabled people, the hour could also be great for elderly people who don’t wish to have their senses assaulted by noise, or just anybody looking to have a more peaceful shopping experience.