April The Giraffe Has Finally Given Birth To Her Fourth Baby!

Mark the date, 23rd of February. That’s the date when the world collectively fell in love with April the Giraffe.

April the Giraffe had become a viral sensation as various outlets online started live streaming her labor. The world watched with bated breath as she was about to give birth. April the Giraffe certainly tested our patience, but now she’s finally given birth!

April is a 15-year-old Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park, Harpursville, NY, and this was the fourth baby she gave birth to. However, she’s still in good shape to give birth to several more babies!

A giraffe’s pregnancy term is usually between 13 to 15 months long. April was due to give birth mid-February, however she really stretched out her labor.

During the weeks and months when the world was eagerly watching April, we were all wondering when she’d finally give birth. However, as it seems, we can never really determine when a giraffe is in labour, not until their baby’s hooves start poking out.

A giraffe hides its labor as an evolutionary necessity because predators often attack when their prey are at their weakest, which is immediately after birth. However, April the giraffe was safe in her confines, and she would only be visited by the father of the baby, who would occasionally saunter over to check on the mama giraffe.

Oliver, the papa giraffe, wasn’t kept with April because male giraffes can get quite aggressive and might harm her. This is the first giraffe baby born in the Adventure Park.

In the video below you can see April the giraffe give birth to her baby and then nurture it.

Animal Adventure Park plans on hosting a Facebook contest to name the baby giraffe. We hope people come up with something nice!

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