An Abandoned Sphynx Cat Finds A Sister In A Bull Terrier

Phoebe Gill fell in love with Stitch, her one-eyed sphynx cat, the moment she saw her.

The sphynx cat had an injured eye that got worse because her breeders didn’t get her treated.

The breeders finally took her to the vet when it was too late. Her eyes had to be removed and the breeders gave her up. That’s when Phoebe saw Stitch and fell in love with her.

Instagram / @stitchtherescuecat

Phoebe adopted Stitch but was worried about whether she would get along with her bull terrier, Alaska.

Instagram / @stitchtherescuecat

Phoebe adopted the sphynx cat when she was just 9 weeks old. So Stitch had to look forward to a lot of getting used to. She had to get used to living with one eye, and get used to a new family.

She was naturally worried that Alaska might be over-protective of her and not like Stitch.


Instagram / @stitchtherescuecat

But Phoebe’s doubts were cleared immediately.

Stitch and Alaska didn’t just get along, they became best friends.

Facebook / The Adventures of Alaska and Stitch

Stitch the sphynx cat immediately made herself at home with Phoebe and Alaska.

They often took long naps together.


Facebook / The Adventures of Alaska and Stitch

To quote Phoebe, “It used to be that Alaska would follow me everywhere, toilet and shower included. Now, there are two. They eat together, sleep together, play together, and I’m pretty sure if Stitch was allowed outside, they would also poop together.”


Instagram / @stitchtherescuecat

In fact, Alaska and Stitch get along so well that Phoebe might feel left out!

Instagram / @stitchtherescuecat

Stitch is already a crucial part of the family of three.

Stitch and Alaska are sisters, and it looks like they were fated to find each other.

Instagram / @stitchtherescuecat

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