Abandoned Dog's Owners Choose Different Pup To Adopt

No one likes to hear a sad story but this one is just too much. This poor little pup was left at the shelter after her owners turn up, only to adopt another dog instead of taking her home. 

It’s fantastic news when we hear a successful adoption story, you know the kind of story that makes you smile and turns your day into a good one. Well, sadly it’s not always that easy, and sometimes dogs even face the cruel reality of the world we live in.

This is 2 year old German Shepard Zuzu, a beautiful young girl, who is currently living at Downey Animal Shelter in California.



Zuzu is described as being “beautiful and loving” and “amazing”. This is clear to see from the lovely profile she has set up by the volunteers at ShelterMe. ShelterMe specialise in re-homing pets with awesome and loving new owners.

However, Zuzu hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to finding a loving family. Her previous owners tell the story of a very upset and emotionally unstable young dog, and after her father passed away, Zuzu spent many hours crying. The poor pooch leaped over the fence into a neighbours garden, where animal control was called to deal with the situation.

Shelter volunteers noticed one day that Zuzu had become very excited and distracted by something. One of the volunteers at ShelterMe wrote “With her fast wagging tail seeing her owners Zuzu lite up like a Christmas Tree. She looked like the happiest dog. Yeah, she’s going home.”

Unfortunately for Zuzu she didn’t end up returning to her home, even tough she was so excited. Her owners on the other hand weren’t as excited and decided to adopt another dog instead.



Desi, a volunteer, stated Their reason was because she was crying and sad since her father passed away. She wasn’t a happy dog anymore,” She continued “Their solution for her unhappiness was just leaving her here. And [to] go get another dog.”

Once the Facebook post had gone viral, understandably many people were frustrated and angry with Zuzu’s owners.

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People have made sure that Zuzu’s story has been shared all over and helped to get her a new, loving family.



Desi has made a plea and commented: “Let’s get her into the perfect home please”.

Although Zuzu’s story is unfortunate and heartbreaking we should all be thankful that she is in a place where people care and love her.

Desi also said “[I was] honestly sad but glad,” Desi commented on Zuzu’s situation. “I knew the rescues who come to [the shelter] would find her a good home where she would be a family member.”

I just hope that Zuzu finds a home that she deserves and that she finds her forever home.