A Tiger And A Duck Play A Serious Game of Tag In a Zoo Swimming Pool

For many zoos around the world, their big cats are the main attraction.

Zoo visitors love to watch lions on the prowl around their enclosures or the cheetahs as they lounge in the sun.

As the big cats tend to be more active once the sun goes down, it is easy to see them during the day during their naps and relaxation time.

Recently, in the Symbio Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, a tiger went for a dip in the swimming pool in his enclosure, when a duck decided to do the same.

The duck seemed oblivious to the presence of the tiger until it took a leap at the unsuspecting bird.

The duck missed the tiger’s grasp by diving under the water, resurfacing some distance away.

The tiger once again chased the duck who again escaped his maneuvers with some slick underwater moves of his own.

The two played tag for a while until the tiger gave up in defeat, while the triumphant duck continued his relaxing swim.

You have to see the video below!

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