A Storage Container Is Transformed Into A Minimalist Home

Buying your first House is often a major milestone in a person’s life. When we think of buying a house we may think of a lot of things, none of which would include a storage container.

We usually think of white picket fences, large doors, wooden flooring, and maybe a spacious yard for the dog to play on.

But if you’re looking for a budget home, that is also transportable, a storage container actually does make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

This red storage container may look perfectly ordinary on the outside, but actually has a nice comfy house in it!

In recent years, the demand for tiny homes has really expanded!

People want to lead a minimalist life now, with little hassle, more portability. People want to be able to travel around the country now, if they so choose, without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

It is mostly bachelors and young couples who buy tiny houses. However, even some young families have now started seeing the attraction of living such a portable and minimalist life.

Tiny House Listings

This is the red storage container that look ordinary on the outside, but is anything but ordinary on the inside.

Tiny House Listings

The inside of this storage container is truly brilliant!

Tiny House Listings

The storage container is actually home to gorgeous wooden flooring, high ceilings, and an open floor plan.

Even the walls have been lined with light wooden planks.

Tiny House Listings

The storage container home has a living room, a kitchen, and even a nice bedroom!

Tiny House Listings

The kitchen in this tiny home has a lot of storage, a full-sized oven, full-sized fridge, and plenty of counter space. There’s enough space in the kitchen for it to accommodate a countertop, a full-sized fridge, and an oven!

The cabinets have been painted sky blue in shade, so as to make the room look more vibrant.

Tiny House Listings

The room is decked with plenty of other vibrant colors and pastel shades, like the yellow floor mat. This makes the room look lively, and it’s been organized such that it never feels small.

Tiny House Listings

The bedroom lies beyond the kitchen, and you can see every part of the tiny house from the living room.

There are plenty of ceiling lights to make the room feel lighter than it is, in lieu of windows.

Tiny House Listings

The bedroom is squeezed a little tight, but it’s good enough for two people.

There are plenty of hanging lights and mirrors as well to make the space feel larger than it actually is. The space has been conserved well with the judicious use of shelves along the walls.

Tiny House Listings

The bathroom is also complete with a shower cabinet, and a washer and dryer!

The bathroom door is made to look like a barn door. This gives the room a very natural and stylish aesthetic.

Tiny House Listings

Would you like to call a storage container like this your little home?

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