A Riddle That Will Have You Scratching Your Head For Hours

A good riddle or a mind game is always a fun way to expand your mind, to give it a little exercise and make it sharper.

Having said that, we’ve recently come across a riddle that will make your mind run a whole marathon! Only 4 in 10 people can solve this riddle on the first go. Care to try it out?

The riddle consists of 3 boxes, with 1 accompanying statement in each. One of the boxes holds a car, and only one of the boxes tells the truth.

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The riddle requires you to examine the statements and try to figure out which box is telling the truth, and which box holds the car.

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Before we give you the answer to the riddle, try and figure it out for yourself!

Okay, so if you’re ready for the explanation, here goes. You need to first use the process of elimination.

You have to first determine which statement could be telling the truth based on elimination.

So let’s consider the first statement to be telling the truth.

In this case, the car would be in box 1, and statements 2 and 3 would be false. However, statement 2 claims the car is ‘not’ in that box, so if it were lying that would indicate that the car is intact in Box 2. This is a paradox because there’s only one car. So we know that Statement 1 is false.

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Now, we need to assume that the second statement is telling the truth.

This means that the car is ‘not’ in Box 2. However, this also means that the 1st and 3rd statements are lies. This would simultaneously indicate that the car is not in box 1, and that it is in box 1. Another paradox. Hence, we know that statement 2 is also false.

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So now we don’t even HAVE to look further, we’ve solved the riddle. The third box has to be telling the truth!

We just need to figure out which box holds the car now. The third statement, being true, would suggest that the car is not in Box 1. The first statement, being false, would confirm that the car is not in box 1. The second statement claims it does not hold the box, so that’s where it must be! No paradox! We’ve solved the riddle!

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