A Dog And A Bunny Are Rescued By A Trucker

Thanks to a trucker named Dan O’Grady, a dog and a bunny now have a loving home!

After O’Grady spotted the dog on the side of a road he went out of his way to leave the freeway and get to the dog.

The dog didn’t go with O’Grady but ran the other way, barking at him all the while. O’Grady decided to follow him, and found a skinny white bunny under the bushes. The dog went along with O’Grady only after he picked up the bunny.

The dog was given the name Highway, and the bunny was named Interstate. He fed them with sandwiches and salads.

Facebook | Humane Society of Summit County

O’Grady took Highway to a shelter in Jacksonville, Florida. He then contacted the Humane Society of Summit County, who could take in Interstate.

O’Grady drove all the way to Ohio with Interstate.

Facebook | Humane Society of Summit County

Highway quickly found a home. Soon, so did Interstate, after being treated for malnourishment.

We are sure glad that they’re healthy and well now!

Facebook | Humane Society of Summit County

Just goes to show, a dog and a bunny can be lovely friends.



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