9 Unsolved And Unanswered Mysteries Of The World

There are so many mysteries about our world that even scientists haven’t figured out the answers to yet. This goes to show that no matter how much we’ve evolved, the world continues to elude our understanding.

So go through this list of unanswered questions about the world we live in.

1. What’s this jelly-like substance we find on grass in the morning?

© James Lindsey / © geograph

Often called “space jelly”, one popular belief is that it’s a substance left over from meteorites. However, some scientists claim that it’s formed by amphibians, and others still believe that it’s the growth of a new kind of fungus. However, these are all just theories.

2. How was Saturn’s massive hexagon created?

© NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

No one knows how the hexagon cloud surrounding Saturn was formed. Scientists have tried to replicate it under controlled surroundings, however the answer still eludes them.

3. We know that civilization in this world began with the Sumerians. However, we still don’t know anything about them.

© wikipedia

We know that Babylon and the Assyria civilizations were based on the model of the Sumerians. We also know that they made great advances in physics and astronomy. However, we don’t know how they came into being, or how their language worked.

4. What’s up with those dark spots on Mars?

© nationalgeographic

Many scientists believe that those dark strips are a result of a prior flow of water in the planet. However, it was then found that these dark marks only appear during certain times of the year, periodically, in exactly the same formation. This makes the water theory less likely. We still don’t know the reason for this.

5. Why do whales often throw themselves onto beaches?

© Bahnfrend / © wikipedia

Dolphins and whales die in shallow waters. So we still don’t know why in the world they’d do this to themselves. However there are several unconvincing theories about this. Some say that these animals follow the planktons driven onshore by the wind. Some say that it’s because of the sun storms. Some believe it’s an attempt to escape from dangerous predators. However, we still don’t have a clear answer yet.

6. Can animals sense the coming of earthquakes?

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It is well known that animals start behaving strangely just before some natural disaster occurs. Scientists can’t figure out why this happens because it’s impossible to test this. One unproven theory is that earthquakes release charged particles into the atmosphere, and animals can sense that.

7. We still don’t know what accounts for the size of women’s breasts.

© Arsenic Magazine

Women, like female apes, only produce milk during the time when they’re nurturing a baby. However, even when women aren’t nurturing or lactating, their breasts continue to remain large in size, relative to other animals. This is often explained with evolutionary science, stating that women have big breasts because men prefer big breasts, and they prefer big breasts because it’s a sign of nurturing. However, this is just a theory. This is especially not true because standards of beauty differ amongst different cultures, and some cultures may prefer small breasts or even flat chests.

8. How did life in this world begin?

© Andreus/depositphotos

It’s believed that life in this world began as a result of a mix of physical and chemical processes. However, we still don’t know how genetics are passed on from molecules, or how animate and inanimate things are differentiated.

9. Can AI advance so much such that humans and robots can have conversations?

© universalstudios

All such attempts made so far have been largely unsuccessful. However, this is still a budding field so we don’t know yet!

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